Strong Local Momentum Builds Behind Alexander Flores for Senate


HILLSBORO, Ore. – State Senate candidate for District 15, Alexander Flores' campaign has released the following statement regarding their unparalleled grassroots organization.

"Since the beginning of our campaign a few months ago, I promised the voters of SD-15 that I would earn every vote and never be outworked by my opponent. Time and again we've seen this hard work pay off," said Alexander. I'm particularly proud of the conservative solutions we have put forth, and the grassroots team we assembled to help put Washington County's needs front and center."

Flores added, "Everywhere I go -- and in all the endorsements we have received from Oregon Right to Life, AG-PAC, Taxpayers Association of Oregon and so many others -- I hear about the need for a new and innovative policy agenda for all Oregonians and that is exactly what I'll do.

"I will be an unyielding advocate for our veterans, our taxpayers, and small businesses, and for the rights of our parents, our sportsmen, our farmers and ranchers, and the future generations that will inherit our way of life. I will never quit fighting for Oregon."

The latest round of endorsements adds more momentum to Flores' surging campaign:

Washington County Commissioner Bob Terry

Jeffrey Dallin (Mayor of Cornelius): "Alexander Flores is going to bring forward a strong voice to represent us, creative solutions to get things done, and really the most thoughtful and informed views about how to move this state forward from a conservative perspective."

Dave Schamp (Cornelius City Council President)

Nathan Dahlin (Young Republicans of Oregon Vice Chair): "For me, I think it comes down to this - Alexander is strong, he's also informed, he's conservative, and he's electable, and he can unite the party.  We need to elect him in May and again in November."

April Davis (Parent Advocate): "If we elect Alexander Flores, our children will have a champion willing to fight to help improve everyone's odds of succeeding and having a brighter future."

Georgia Perry (Wa. County PCP): "Voters of SD15 want someone who can speak to all Oregonians, all walks of life. They want a candidate who can beat Chuck Riley in November. Alexander is that candidate."

Michael Ngo (Wa. County PCP): "I am looking for a candidate who has a history of following through on his word. I want a leader who will fight for residents of this senate district and not special interests. I believe that person is Alexander Flores."

Erik Seligman (Former Hillsboro School Board member): "I think it’s incredibly important for us to have a candidate who can win by using conservative principles — and that means you have to be able to sell those conservative principles so you need an aspirational candidate."

Lauri S. Hein (Grossman) (Grassroots Activist): "Oregon families deserve a trusted conservative leader like Alexander Flores who shares our values and will fight for us. I know he will take this job and constituents seriously. I like that he isn't just looking for another elected position."

Christiana Mayer (Wa. County PCP & Grassroots Activist)

Jackie Winters (Republican Senate Leader): "Alexander Flores has become a successful leader in the community.  We are excited about his candidacy and his vision. I am confident that he will bring innovative, new ideas that help constituents in Senate District 15."

Fred Girod (Republican Senate Deputy Leader): "Alexander is really an exciting candidate. Our state Senate needs a new generation of leadership and I believe Alexander Flores is exactly what we need in our community."

Senator Chuck Thomsen (SD-26): "As Senator, I am confident that Alexander will model servant leadership rather than self-promotion and that's huge. He will listen and put his constituents first."

Senator Alan DeBoer (SD-3): "Alexander represents the type of conservative leader that will put us in the best position in November to prevent a supermajority in the Senate."

Senator Alan Olsen (SD-20): "When I met Alexander, I saw him inspire people.  He has a positive agenda for the people of SD15 and Oregon."

Senator Cliff Bentz (SD-30): "Alexander Flores knows that Alexander education, combined with focused and determined effort, results in good things for all the people of Oregon.  We need people like him in the Oregon Senate."

Senator Bill Hansell (SD-29): "I enthusiastically support Alexander Flores in his campaign for State Senate. Alexander and I have shared, similar values, such as working for a small state government and putting an end to wasteful spending."


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Reagan Knopp