Alexander Flores’ overwhelming victory today proves that voters are looking for confident and competent leadership


HILLSBORO, OR . – Alexander Flores was selected among fellow Washington County Republicans this morning over his primary opponent to be the Party’s preferred choice ahead of the upcoming May primary. 

Washington County Republican Precinct Committee People (PCP) are elected party leaders to represent their neighbors and are comprised of small business owners, parents, teachers, seniors, farmers and ranchers, among others.

“First and foremost, I want to say thank you, Washington County Republicans, for making me the luckiest guy in the state today. I am deeply humbled and grateful,” said Alexander Flores. “It is an honor to have been selected as the preferred candidate by the Washington County Republican Party.

Flores’ victory today shows broad support across the entire county and ensures that the Party will stand behind his candidacy.

“For our ideas to matter, we must win the primary and then defeat Chuck Riley in November,” said Flores. “Because if we don’t win, we don’t get a seat at the table. And if we don’t get a seat at the table, we won’t be able to start fixing ou r education system; improve Washington County’s overburdened and congested transportation network; and create a low tax and low regulation environment where Washington County’s small businesses can grow and create new, family-wage jobs.”

"One of the most important things I’ve learned over my life about leadership is that leadership is much less about talking than it is about listening. When you lead, you need to be there. You need to show up, you need to listen and then you need to act in a way that will move the state of Oregon forward, said Flores.”

This is just one of many victories for Alexander Flores since announcing his candidacy for Senate District 15 a few months ago. Flores has been endorsed by Oregon Right to Life, AGPAC, Oregon Taxpayers Association, Commissioner Bob Terry, and Senate Republican Leader Jackie Winters among many others. To read the full list of Alexander’s endorsements, go to:


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Reagan Knopp